Gavin wasn’t joking about the Ferris Wheel. 

Mike: With the little time I have left, not to go back the previous question. On the ferris wheel, when you listen to it. And that's why I did the website. Lot’s of people say “my opponent did this, my opponent did that.” and it’s never backed up. So I want you to go to the video link, I want you to hear the… read the transcript in his own words. Cause it wasn't just a joke, I mean it was very specific details about… Look it’s going to be on a 2-year lease, here's how we're going to fund it, it’s going to be a 50/20 and there was very detailed explanation on how this would happen. So if that was a joke, I think we have to ask the question; is a carousel a joke, is the spray park a joke, is the ice rink downtown a joke, is the trolley a joke? I think we need to know which ones are jokes and which ones aren't.

Moderator : I have to let Gavin respond, that's a direct question.

Gavin: They are all ideas and everything is on the table. So I’m not going to say um… You know, if you don’t have any ideas, if you don’t try anything… And I’m happy Mike’s come up with one lately, the dog park because I would love… I would love to tell you how my dog park idea bit me in the ass two years ago. (laughter)


Another time he wanted the Ferris Wheel Click here to hear him talk about the Ferris Wheel

Moderator: Mayor Pantelides sent a mailer saying that you want a ferris wheel on city dock. Is it true or is it now


Gavin: I love this question because I’m flattered that Mike’s created a website saying “see Mike's ferris wheel!”. I um…. And I’m going to blame John and tim for that question. I’m on the record saying that we need things for families to do when they go downtown. There's nothing to do when they get downtown, it can’t just be t shirt shops and bars. What do we do to get families downtown? We need things like city bike shares, we need a blade of grass down at city dock for god's sake. We need um… I’ve said carousels, spray parks, these are ideas you see in other cities. When the ferris wheel came up, I was on eye on annapolis and I said to these guys. “Here’s an idea for city dock What do you think about this, a ferris wheel named eye on Annapolis.” So I’m going to blame them… and it’s based off the London Eye. So, last time I checked London was a pretty historic city. And this is just an idea and I’m going to have a lot of them, everyone just has a reaction to it. We should not be making our City Dock the most pretty parking lot in America, it should be other things than just parking bays


Mike: If I could, I’m not sure if that was a yes or a no…


Moderator: Well, um… it was a yes but in jest


Gavin : Nervous laughter + drinking water


...and another time he said he wanted a Ferris Wheel Click Here to listen to the first podcast. Start at the 46:15 Mark.

From the Maryland Crabs Podcast on March 2nd

Gavin: I think in winter we should obviously be pushing an ice rink
Gavin: But my big announcement which is not so big anymore is um.. I imagine a Ferris Wheel uhh Downtown.
Gavin: But imagine how great it would be. So we could run it as a concession it could be there just as a two year lease. You could Uh um and people would go on this ferris wheel and they would go up, they could see the bay bridge they could see Eastport, They could see West Annapolis. They could make an informed decision about where to go around the town and I think that it wouldn't take away from our town. It doesn't take away from London. The London Eye doesn't take away from London the paris one doesn't take away from...
Tim Hamilton: Hows the one is performing down in National Harbour?
Tim Hamilton: I guarantee you that Senator Astle and Mike Pantelides Don't have Ferris wheel anywhere is their campaign hhahah or spray park. What about a zipline? .....When you think about Susan campbell park at the end of the dock its a destination. You walk up down you leave the boats and walk back
Gavin: It's 50 by 20 ....You don't need a huge.. It could be on one lane of parking it could be on Susan Campbell park main idea is things for people to do when they get downtown..... We have some historic sights which are beautiful but sometimes aren't good for kids....
John Frenaye: When you threw out the two year lease how can you almost not say no if you could figure out a way to fund it? It's a test if you will.
Gavin : All my ideas I think I have ways to fund them and they're run by concession so they're not more city employees. It's a business. You've created a business with someone. And they work either on tips or they work on you know tolls..
John Frenaye: And the city would own it and perhaps lease it out to an operator 
Gavin Buckley: You could lease it and then um sublease it you know.. and then if it worked then you could purchase your own. (49:40) There's a great model of one in Freemantle, where I'm from in Australia. Great one. I have another idea.. it's the cross town flyer and the east west flyer.
John Frenaye: You know that ferris wheel I thought you were you know A first I thought I was joking and then B I thought you were joking and then now  I'm think wow ok maybe eye on Annapolis was pressure back in 2009 when I started that and bringing families down there....